Syrencot House photographed for H Sweet and sons

Work in progress photos of Syrencot House which is being converted into a Wedding venue due to open in May 2019.

The  photographs show drone images of the work in progress on the site along with a selection of the completed Bridal Suite which is the template for the rest of the development, the final photos are the site currently being developed.

Syrencot House.

During the Second World War, Syrencot House operated as a base for paratroopers and was also the military residence of Lt-Gen ‘Boy’ Browning, Gen Sir Richard Gale and Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke, where the planning and execution of Operation
Overlord (the Allied invasion of June 1944) and the taking of Pegasus Bridge were thrashed out amid conditions of the utmost secrecy.

After D-Day, Syrencot was to remain ‘a house of secrets’, reputedly as a centre for some kind of espionage activity, although no official confirmation to that effect was ever given. After the war, Syrencot, with its five acres of gardens and grounds, was leased by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to a building company, which converted the main house into offices



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