Architectural Selection Architectural SelectionArchitecture

Bank of America (Merrill Lynch) for CBRE Bank of America (Merrill Lynch) for CBREArchitecture

Mike Hall Shift DC Selection of recent projects Mike Hall Shift DC Selection of recent projectsArchitecture

Bishop Fox's School Taunton for Bam Construction Bishop Fox’s School Taunton for Bam ConstructionArchitecture

Ilfracombe Academy for Bam construction Ilfracombe Academy for Bam constructionArchitecture

The Spires Shopping centre Barnet The Spires Shopping centre BarnetArchitecture

South Plaza Bristol for CBRE South Plaza Bristol for CBREArchitecture

Plymouth Science Park Bam Construction Plymouth Science Park Bam ConstructionArchitecture

Bam Construction, Weston College Bam Construction, Weston CollegeArchitecture

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